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Role of the Music Producer

A music producer oversees the artistic, financial and technical demands of a recording project. No formal training is required -- most producers learn on the job -- but a broad knowledge of musical styles is essential for success. Producers also must be able to consistently elicit outstanding vocal and instrumental performances from the featured artists. At the major label level, the producer may also work in shaping songs deemed to have commercial potential

Once an album gets under way, it's the producer's job to supervise the recording, overdubbing and mixing sessions -- within the budget that the label has outlined. Producers typically gain that experience by starting out as recording engineers or studio managers.

Sometimes, a producer is asked to improve an album's commercial prospects by collaborating with the band's members on songwriting. This phenomenon is most common in hip hop and pop-rock, whose artists often don't write their own material alone. an album isn't finished until it undergoes post-production mastering, which requires working with an engineer who specializes in that role. Essentially, mastering engineers ensure that the record has consistent tonal and volume levels, so that one song doesn't suddenly sound louder than another one. The mastering engineer does his job in a special room dedicated for that purpose.

Al Loya Audio Engineer/Music Producer

Al Loya (born April 7 1967) is an American audio engineer, songwriter, musician and music producer. He has been involved in the production of several local bands, including Underground Nation, the Tryptic, The Unconvicted,and Bag of Tricks to name a few.

He's also recorded several indie label rap and hip hop albums for artist like JJ Cruz, C4, Yung Breeze and DTA signed to Universal Artist International.

Al_Loya Music Producer

Al is currently in the studio recording two new songs, using solely studio musicians. Including Danny Lee on drums and backing vocals, Fernando Hernandez on Bass, and Rick Solo on keyboards for a song he calls Redemption. He also inlist Johnny Cavasos to play drums on his second track entitled Ends. These two songs were recorded to show the capabilities of recording direct just using mic preamps on guitars no effects were used on guitars. Preamp used for guitars was Universal Audio

Jose Jonah Perez Audio Engineer/Music Producer
Jose Jonah Perez - Music Producer

Jose Jonah Perez is an accomplished audio engineer with ten years of experience recording and producing records for local bands in the Houston area. Some of Jonah's client list include Odds Against Tonight, Something Symphony, Elenas Everlasting Sonner, JDSHS Choir, A Cinematic Lie, Crash Burn Legacy, Hematidrosis, Holder, Valens, Since Always. He is currently performing and recording with his own band Since Always.

Latest News

Al runs live sound for Viraje at Vineyard Chruch of Houston. Viraje is currently on tour supporting the new album, Vuelvo a vivir. Check out the video.

Matt Hammond In Concert

Alfred and Jonah from In The Jar Studios are running live sound for A2ND CUP Event on 11th street in Houston.

Jonah records Valens drums, scratch bass and guitar tracks for soon to be released EP.

Project Fred is nearing completion.
Al records two new songs using nothing but mic preamps to achieve guitar tones... read more

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