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Studio Poicies
A deposit is required to confirm all studio bookings. Such deposit shall be equal to 50% of the cost of the total time booked.

Deposit must be received ten days prior to session. In The Jar Studios reserves the right to waive such deposit but only with the approval of management. Studio bookings for which no deposit has been received by In The Jar Studios are subject to change or cancellation should management deem it necessary, without notice to client.

Requests for recording are scheduled and served on a first come basis. Requests for service received less than 2 working days are subject to a rush fee or service may be refused. Our priority is to serve clients and events scheduled first.

Notice of a client's intent to cancel a session must be received by In The Jar Studios no later than 72 hours (3 days) before such session. If notice is not received by In The Jar Studios the Client shall be liable for the cost of one half of the time booked. Client's deposit shall be applied by In The Jar Studios as partial satisfaction of such liability.

Policies Continued
Sessions cancelled the same day of the scheduled session will be liable for the total cost of the booked time. Half the amount of unused time booked will be charged to the client irrespective of client's failure to arrive for a session on time or in the event that the client must leave the session early, or if the session is completed before the booked time has expired.

Payment in full for materials and fees is due and payable immediately following each session In The Jar Studios reserves the right to make other financial arrangements with its clients.

Client(s) will pay all of In The Jar Studios attorney's fees associated with financial collection processes for services rendered by In The Jar Studios or materials purchased.


No recording tapes or digital data on any storage format maintained in the possession of In The Jar Studios shall be released to clients until all open accounts have been settled. In any event.

In The Jar Studios liability shall be limited to the replacement cost of an unrecorded tape of comparable value. In The Jar Studios liability with respect to "downtime" of any and all studio sessions as a result from equipment malfunction or availability, personnel, hired musicians, acts of God, nature or public utility outages, etc...

Please note that In the Jar Studios will be properly credited in the packaging, and in all pertinent program and liner notes and promotional materials. All releases, royalties, fees, performance rights, etc., for music, musicians, venues, etc., are completely the responsibility of those contracting for our technical services.

Latest News

Al runs live sound for Viraje at Vineyard Chruch of Houston. Viraje is currently on tour supporting the new album, Vuelvo a vivir. Check out the video.

Matt Hammond In Concert

Alfred and Jonah from In The Jar Studios are running live sound for A2ND CUP Event on 11th street in Houston.

Jonah records Valens drums, scratch bass and guitar tracks for soon to be released EP.

Project Fred is nearing completion.
Al records two new songs using nothing but mic preamps to achieve guitar tones... read more

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